Program Schedule


Primary Infertility Series

This series is for women struggling with primary infertility - women who do not currently have any children.

Series A - “grief”

Topics Covered

Grief, Stress, Relationships & Sex, Self-Care


Aug 20th - Sept 10th

Every Tuesday

Series b - “gratitude”

Topics Covered

Creating a Positive Mindset, Reinventing Yourself, Meditation & Healing


Sept 17th - Oct 8th

Every Tuesday

What’s included?

Infertility Unfiltered is an eight-week program, focused on the things desperately needed while navigating the depths of infertility - a safe and solid support system, experts in the field, and tools to get you through. From survival to celebration, and everything in between.


200 Newport Center Dr #306,

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Emotional stress

While stress does not cause infertility, infertility most definitely causes stress. Research has shown that the psychological stress experienced by women with infertility is similar to that of women coping with illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and chronic pain.

relationships & Sex

Infertility can really take its toll on our relationship with our partner, and can add to our stress. Our relationship expert and therapist will help guide you through your challenges. Let’s talk about sex!

infertility Grief

Coping with the grief of infertility is a topic that’s not widely acknowledged by society, which makes our loss even harder. Positive Self-talk is one of the most important things we can do while going through challenging times.

self care + love

Mothering ourselves is extremely important when going through infertility. We’ll discuss the benefits of therapy and acupuncture, how to find support through an online community, and the importance of giving your mind and body a break.

Only $99

(Series A or Series B)

led by peers giving you access to professionals, experts & other women going thru it with you.

Journaling, Yoga, Crafting,
Meditation & Healing

And did we mention WINE?

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This is a sisterhood of women ready to wrap their arms around you tight, and carry you on! A group of women going through it with you, along side of you who understand your pain. Who want nothing but the best for you. No judgement. No jealousy. Just unconditional support and positivity.

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